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Neglected Listed Building Survey training day - Grade II Listed - Brockham, RH3 - 9th July

Location: Brockham, RH3 - £150 + VAT plus booking fee

Now booking for..:

9th July 2024

Why you should do this training day

This is our second group visit to this house.  Now is a good time to see it before the repairs start and before scaffolding goes up.   We have already done some ‘opening up’, as you will see.

This training day is all about Grade II Listed Buildings which have been neglected and are in need of considerable repairs.  You will get to see the whole building and grounds and we will discuss options for the many repairs needed, the implications for applying for Listed Building Consent, the impact of the overgrown trees and many more factors.   This is a really unique opportunity, even for experienced surveyors.

This visit will only be available to a small group.   There is no roadside parking outside the house, so you will need to find somewhere locally and walk to the house.   There is parking further along the road.

You will get to see the whole building and, as a group, we will discuss how a pre-purchase building survey might be undertaken on it and how repairs would best be undertaken.   You will be within a safe and nurtured environment in a very small group of like-minded people.   Use the opportunity to ask any questions that arise.  There is no such thing a silly question.

By the end of the training you will be more confident and aware of..:

  • Understand your responsibilities and liabilities as a professional building surveyor
  • Have a better understanding of the client needs for having the survey done
  • Take a methodical approach to the process of doing a building survey
  • Identify a range of common defects found in this type and age of building
  • How to prioritise repairs to suit the needs of the building as well as the budget of the client
  • Make better decisions on the advice that you will provide to your client
  • Learn about when it might be necessary to make a referral for further inspections
  • Have better confidence in yourself
  • Be able to write confident and well presented reports for your client


This training will typically include..:

  • Placing this building in context of our architectural history
  • RICS expectations on you as a professional building surveyor
  • Best practice when undertaking a building survey for a RICS Level 3 report
  • Health and Safety.   Surveying safely.
  • Building pathology for this specific type of property
  • Moisture assessment, decision making and reporting
  • Listed Building Consent applications and procedures
  • Climate change considerations and sustainability issues
  • Client care
  • Professional liability
  • Report writing and how to use photos

Training Format

This training will be delivered in-person at the house, which is located in Brockham, RH3 post code area.  It is a private residence.   The full address and joining instructions will be given nearer to the date of the training.


Professionals from a wide variety of disciplines including residential surveyors and valuers, building surveyors, architects, and structural engineers as well as the many conservation trades will benefit from this online training opportunity.

This is also perfectly suitable for anyone with a general interest in older buildings.   That can include homeowners and buyers, for example.   Students, from all backgrounds, will find this especially valuable to their learning.

It will be particularly suitable for those who have some limited experience of doing RICS Level 2 and Level 3 building surveys and want to know more about older buildings.   It might also be suitable for more experienced surveyors who wish to broaden their knowledge of this period of architecture.

This training is open and available to everyone.  Please do consider your own personal circumstances and your ability to use stairs as this is very likely to apply to the venue, town walk and/or any private property visit.  There may be uneven terrain and during any walkabout we may be crossing roads. Do let us know if you require any reasonable adjustments and we can discuss this further and try to adapt where possible.


This is a private home and we are not asking the owner to provide any catering facility.  We won’t stop for a lunch break, as such, but you are, of course, welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks/sandwiches.

The house is located opposite a school.   Please do not try to park immediately outside.  Please find roadside parking nearby and then walk to the house.

10:00 –  Meet at the house

We will be constantly walking and talking, with ample opportunity for questions, discussions and explanations.

14:30 –  Depart.  This time is entirely flexible but we need too finished by 3pm because of the school traffic.


This training will provide up to 4 or 5 hours of formal CPD.

Training Instructor

This training will be taught by Prof. Duncan Philips FRICS.  Duncan is one of the UK’s most experienced Chartered Building Surveyors regarding historic and Listed Buildings, having been doing this work for over 35 years.   He runs Listed Building Surveys and he was Chair of the RICS Building Conservation Steering Group 2017 – 2023. He is the lead author of the new RICS Professional Standard – Conservation of Heritage Buildings and Assets, which will be published in 2024.  Duncan teaches building surveying, architectural history, building pathology and building conservation to undergraduate, postgraduate and mature students and also to the general public and the trades.


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