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Lunchtime CPD Series - How To Be Better At Moisture Inspections

Location: This CPD is online. Cost: £15 + VAT plus booking fee

This online CPD session is now available for booking on the following dates..:

12:30pm  17th June

12:30pm   4th September

This online CPD session would go well with the additional CPD session on the JPS 2022


Why you should do this training course

It is not sufficient to simply walk around a building with a handheld device and then claim “this building has rising damp”.   That is almost certainly not the case.  Surveyors should be able provide better advice than this and the client, and the building, expect it.

The output of any building inspection or building survey is a written report.  Every surveyor will be judged by the quality of the report produced.  You might be the best surveyor ever, but if you can’t write a good report, based upon a thorough understanding of the property, then you are at risk of complaints from your client and open yourself up to potential negligence claims.  Claims against surveyors for incorrect comments about ‘damp’ are one of the most frequently seen by insurers.

By the end of this CPD session you will be more aware of the following..:

  • Not to rely on a ‘damp meter’
  • How moisture exists and moves within a building
  • Differences between older and newer buildings
  • What ‘breathability’ means and why you need to know this
  • Be aware of the factors required when making a diagnosis and recommendations
  • Legal requirements related to Listed Buildings
  • Making recommendations for further inspections
  • Have better confidence in yourself
  • Understand about writing a confident and well presented report for your client
  • Not to exaggerate a situation which is probably actually very simple
  • When is a referral really needed?
  • Who is a ‘specialist’ anyway?


This CPD session is flexible to suit the needs of the group but might typically include topics such as..:

  • RICS complaints, public perception and professional standards
  • JPS 2022 – Investigation of moisture and its effects on traditional buildings
  • The relevance of the RICS Home Survey Standard 2019
  • The legacy of injection dpcs and why this was so wrong
  • How you should approach any building when asked to report on moisture, in all its forms
  • Are you competent to do the survey at all?
  • What does the client really need to know?
  • How to write a report
  • Using photos effectively
  • Giving good practical and realistic advice to your client

A moisture inspection within a building survey should be far more than simply putting a ‘damp meter’ on a wall and immediately claiming the building has ‘rising damp’.  The client expects more than this snap judgement.

This training follows the collaborative approach agreed for undertaking moisture inspections and is detailed in the JPS 2022 – Investigation of moisture and its effects on traditional buildings : principles and competences




More Training Available In-Person

This online CPD webinar will provide the basic information to help you write confident and competent moisture inspection reports.

We also have in-person training dates which you might find of interest.   We firmly believe that the very best way to learn is through practical experience.

Training Instructor

Duncan is one of the UK’s most experienced Chartered Building Surveyors regarding historic and Listed Buildings, having been doing this work for over 35 years.   He runs Listed Building Surveys and he was Chair of the RICS Building Conservation Steering Group 2017 – 2023.  He is the lead author of the new RICS Professional Standard – Conservation of Heritage Buildings and Assets, which will be published in 2024.  Duncan teaches building surveying, architectural history, building pathology and building conservation to undergraduate, postgraduate and mature students and also to the general public and the trades.


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